Sunday Sessions – Introduction


We began a time for teaching we called Sunday Sessions. We wanted our Fire-Pit Worship to remain a time of personal encounter with Almighty God. So, when were we to teach and have godly conversation? We decided to meet for dinner on Sunday evenings.


Sunday Sessions is a gathering at which we consider the principles of Christian life and congregational living. We live in an age in which some believe we are seeing the Kingdom of God overtaking the church age. The Body of Christ needs to come out of Laodicea and into living the life of love as taught in the Book of Ephesians.


Each session begins with a meal during which those attending can visit with one another. The idea here is that we get to know one another better so that we may become more involved in one another’s lives. In this way we can more effectively love one another.


Following the time of fellowship is a short presentation to introduce the points of the topic for discussion. After the introduction, the floor is open for discussion including statements, questions, testimonials, etc. The hope is for a Spirit led conversation that is a blessing for all those present, including experiencing an encounter with God and manifestation of the five-fold ministry.


Sunday Sessions became the vehicle by which we could explore the building of the walls, and many other topics since then. Other topics may appear on this site eventually, but for now let’s look at the beginning of Sunday Sessions, the building of the wall.


This began as a painting on a three foot by four foot canvas. As I was painting the wall, God began to reveal things about it which I had not thought of prior to the painting. Not that it was all new to me, or a grand revelation, just that I was painting a wall as an illustration and for my own pleasure. It has become much more than what it was intended to be at the start.





As I finished the painting I began to diagram some of what the Holy Spirit was teaching me. Eventually the painting was finished, complete with an incomplete wall. (There are more living stones to be added.) I took a picture of the painting, and I marked up the picture with a computer program and printed it. The painting and the picture (8-1/2″ x 11″) now hang in our ministry space in town for all to see and study.



Note: The date at the bottom is the date on the cornerstone. The explanation is cropped off for this copy of the picture. I was led to put that on the cornerstone and it is from a word we received from the Lord that it was a day on which the Lord would begin a new work in our city.


We also have a binder on the shelf below the painting that has the lessons in it. We consider this to be the first lessons of discipleship: understanding how the wall fits together and the disciple in it.


Following are the related studies:


01 – Christ the Cornerstone

02 – Apostles and Prophets – The Foundation

03 – Believers, The Living Stones

04 – Stones Becoming Walls

05 – Molding Stones, Part 1 – Disciples

06 – Molding Stones, Part 2, – Making Disciples



Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.

Isaiah 60:18 KJV



Learn how this is taking place in our city HERE.

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