My Story – Chapters


Throughout the site are stories of my walk with the Lord and the corresponding timing of carrying out His plan for me and for City. Following is a listing of the chapters for those who would like to read through this account of my life in Christ.


  1. The New Beginning
    1. Why City?
    2. The Set-Up
    3. The Call
    4. The New Beginning




More to Come


Names Changed


Throughout this site you will see that the names are changed and highlighted in order to keep the site, the city and the ministry anonymous. The site is designed to glorify God alone as the information is available to all who can glean a nugget to use in their ministry efforts. The Ministry for our ministry name, City for our city name, and various names being used for persons who may be identified in a story, such as Wallace or Beulah. My prayer is that the Lord will keep your focus on what He is trying to show you.



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