My Experiences in …

Hey, my first experience with The Ministry would have been some years back when I first attended the FPW ~ Fire Pit Worship! At heart, I’m a worshipper, therefore experiencing the outdoor freedom to worship and commune with my Lord was so delightful to say the least! At that time, I didn’t know anything about City as I had been a resident in City2 for many years.


I’m not even sure of how I learned of the FPW…. All I know is once a month I so looked forward to participating…. These guys were the real deal! A bunch of Jesus freaks like myself! I felt HOME! After about a year this activity ceased as the homeowner would be moving. After that, I would periodically run into someone at another ministry event and would recall with fondness the FPW days!


Fast forward some years, I found myself residing at Name Emergency Shelter in City. I reached out to Wallace who promptly invited me to meet with him at the new space on Main St. I recall his gentle and caring and welcoming spirit that just took me in and made me feel at home. I was able to give back by donating some time in the space. I attended a few gatherings, worship and prayer there before they moved upstairs to the space they now occupy.


When I first arrived in City, I was looking for a temporary job and from the front door of their building I saw across the street that Restaurant was hiring. So, this is how I was introduced to Restaurant Church which ultimately led me to taking a job there. I loved how the community of The Ministry has modeled the love of Jesus by reaching out to anyone who had a need as well as taking the city back for Christ. I was impressed that every street has been walked and prayed over in this city! Many more than a few times…


Wallace has continued to be vigilant to hear from the Lord in how to persevere in prayer to do his bidding. He has consistently displayed the fruit of the Spirit, demonstrates repentance when needed and has been an all-around blessing in any and every way. God is doing great things in and through him not only for City, but for our Nation as well! Thank you, Jesus!


Once in City, there were a few activities I participated in, two years in a row, for me anyway. Worship in the Park was an outdoor event at the Name County Fairgrounds. Again, it was an opportunity to come together across all denominational lines, it was wonderful to be outdoors worshipping the Lord together as a family… kinda like the FPW evenings…


I recall Duke looking to the sky as an eagle was flying by and soon all of us looked skyward as we watched not just one or two or three eagles, we saw a band of Eagles flying overhead, I believe as we counted there were more than 20… which was taken as a sign from above that freedom was flying over and being released over and in the City! Amen… there were even more that flew over later, I’d never seen such a majestic site!!!


There were also opportunities to attend the Name County Fair and minister to the folks who came through the chapel, it was fun to learn a bit of City History and hang out with some lovers of Jesus!


As I have been called to minister in other ways, I have held on loosely to The Ministry but always am eager to get the newsletters as I watch from the sidelines what the Lord is up to in and around the great City … Hats off to all of those who have committed to what the Lord is doing to restore this beautiful city!


Blessings, Mona




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