The King Sends Us to the City

  • First and foremost, was worship
  • Secondly, unity in prayer
  • Thirdly, love for one another
  • Fourth, take love to the streets

The Second Leg

With our passion having been refined by time and persistence, the Lord prepared us to go to the city we had been praying for at the city altar. God laid desires on our heart so He could give us the desires of our heart. For us it was a city for which we prayed. Coming into agreement with God and one another, we were anxious to be sent into action.

  1. We were to take our prayer to the streets, praying over every aspect of our city.
  2. We also loved on the people whom God brought across our paths. We went outside our walls to the parks, coffee shops and other places where the people were. We listened to their stories and heard their needs. We exhibited love by meeting needs as best we could.


Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.

Joshua 1:3 KJV

Walk and Pray


One of our group of the original seven people received the above verse from the Lord one night as we worshiped at the city altar. I believe we all, and I know I did, had a witness in our spirits that this was indeed from the Lord. It was accompanied by the comment, “Hold onto these words as my promise to you.” We have indeed held onto this verse as a promise since that evening.


We obtained a few copies of the city maps from the city offices which clearly showed the streets and features of the city. We marked one map with a highlighter showing the streets we had prayer walked . We covered every street, dead end, and cul-de-sac, as well as a few alleys and park trails. We prayed over every aspect of the city from residences to businesses to parks, churches, schools, and everything we could see or think of.


We claimed the city for the Kingdom of God; everywhere the sole of our foot walked, and all adjacent to it. We claimed it all as we prayed peace and blessing over everything we observed. We also repented for those who went before us as well as those who were in the city presently, and at times, even for those to come after us. We were, on occasion, invited to pray within certain buildings that were being refurbished and had dark pasts. We prayed around all the schools and inside some of them. We prayed around every church and all government facilities. We also prayed for peace at all of the cemeteries.


Combined with the prayers of our faithful intercessors, the atmosphere of the city slowly changed over time. We found that the cleansing of the atmosphere in this way, as well as some spiritual warfare that came later, made it easier to connect with people and we found much favor wherever we went.