A Coffee Shop Tale

07/14/16      (Not Actual Names)


Here is a story relayed by Ricky from Thursday night at Coffee Shop Name.

It was a busy night at Coffee Shop Name and Bobby dropped in to perform for open mic night. Bobby was performing the last song of the evening and a young man was intensely watching him. It has been said that when Bobby plays he has a breaker anointing and the Holy Spirit shows up and moves upon those who are hearing his music. People say they hear God in his music. Bobby attributes some of this to the unity in the team there and in our City Name group as a whole.

All glory to God who puts together people for these teams and this group, Ministry Name.

After the end of the song, Duke told Bobby that they needed to step outside and that he was instructed that he was supposed to lay on hands and pray over Bobby tonight. Bobby enthusiastically said, “Let’s do it!” They went outside and prayed.

The young man, whose name is Austin, who was a new ager or a Satanist or something, with a ring on his middle finger bearing an upside down cross, was watching as they prayed. Austin approached Duke and Bobby as he was super excited after Bobby’s performance. Someone asked Austin if he wanted prayer, and Austin responded, “Yes, that’s why I’m here.” At some point Austin said, “Something is changing in me.”

Bobby prayed over Austin and then Duke also prayed for him. Duke prayed, at times in tongues, and was breaking off generational curses. Austin said that he felt something leave him. Roberta and Hank were joining in as there was much prayer over this young man.

Ricky said a lot was happening this night. He also overheard Beth Anne, an occasional hostess of open mic night, telling someone on the phone that it was amazing and that Jesus was just taking over. After everyone went their way, Ricky encountered another person with whom he spent over 25 minutes explaining what it is that he does down here.

This morning I explained to Ricky, that even though he doesn’t necessarily care for the title Pastor, he is sanctioned as a Pastor and he is doing the work of a Pastor as he equips the saints to do the work of the Kingdom. There are others waiting in the wings to be trained up to do this ministry. In his own description Ricky said it wasn’t his night to be on, rather, he observed the others as they were doing all that the Spirit led them to do. God showed up in this time, moved mightily and was, and still is, given all the glory. Hallelujah!