City Timeline

Timeline for our group in the City of …

Through November 09, 2019


Note: The time line has been altered in names and places. Fill in a restaurant or city Name of your choice.


2014 & Prior

  • Fire Pit Worship in City
    • Name instructed to move it to City
  • Name incursions into City
    • Began going to Coffee Shop
  • Met with people at Restaurant, Restaurant, etc.
    • Evolved into Restaurant Church


  • Thursday afternoon worship/prayer meetings for 6 weeks at Name Church of City in the Name Building
    • Atmosphere preparation for the upcoming worship in the park
  • 09/23: First perimeter walk of City
    • Nehemiah: inspecting the walls and the gates (15.77 miles + 2)
  • Saturday worship in the park
    • Common Name Park (Formal Name Park)
    • Saturday, October 17, 2015, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Obtained prayer room on the 3rd floor of the Building Name
    • City Altar: the Upper Room
  • Began weekly time of prayer and worship
    • Fire-Pit Worship move to City
  • 10/13: Began prayer walking City city streets (Joshua 1:3)
    • Systematically prayed every street, cul-de-sac and dead end (129.44 miles, see map)


  • The Altar: weekly worship and prayer
    • Establishing unity and worship
    • Near daily prayer over the city from the Upper Room
  • Street Ministry, Coffee Shop, Etc.
  • Weekly Restaurant Church
  • 02/11: Finished systematic City streets prayer walking
    • 19 walks over 122 days (basically once per week; avg. 6.8 miles per walk)
  • Continued prayer walking as led by God
  • Summer: Began “Need Prayer?” sessions at Name Park
    • Chairs, music, prayed with/for people
  • November: The Gates assignment came into being
    • Nehemiah: repairing the gates
  • December: the first of 10 gates over 10 months was dealt with
    • The Lord laid it out as one gate per month


  • Continued with 2016 activities
  • Spiritual warfare came into focus
    • Ministry Name connections
  • 09/21: Final gate of the 10 gates project
  • 10/07: “Event Name” #1, all city worship in the park
    • First annual event at the Venue Name band shell


  • Continued with 2016 activities
  • July: Name County Fair – first year
    • Daily hosts at the church building on the fairgrounds
  • Mid to late: dynamics and involvement began to change
    • God was shifting the focus for some people
  • 10/06: “Event Name” #2, all city worship in the park
    • Second annual event at the Venue Name band shell
  • The 2016 activities began to morph into what they are today
    • Transition time had begun
  • Attacks and struggles came along with the warfare
    • As they would in a physical war; our refinement
  • Attacks and struggles were both corporately and individually
    • Further changed the group dynamics


  • Brought in the current schedule of activities
    • The seed has sprouted
  • Early 2019: “The Living Room”, space on the east end of the Building Name; second floor
    • Space for group worship and ministry
  • Budget quadruples for monthly ministry
    • Rent, Restaurant Church and others, Event Name, etc.
  • 06/26: Circumcision of the heart for City
    • The beginning of something God is doing (Deuteronomy 29:4)
    • Shaking and sifting: corporately and individually (Amos 9:9)
  • July: Name County Fair – second year
    • Daily hosts at the church building on the fairgrounds
  • August: The Living Room moved to a 2-room suite on the west side of the second floor of the Building Name
    • Warfare significantly ramped up against us
      • Sifting and purification in full swing
    • 08/24: “Event Name” #3, all city worship in the park
      • Third annual event at the Venue Name band shell
    • September/October: vision for the future begins coming into focus (John 16:13)
      • What are we to become?
      • What is our role in City?
    • The last six months have been the toughest in the short history of Group Name
    • November 10: Sunday Sessions #1
      • The first of a new gathering to build unity and fellowship
      • Monthly dinner and guided conversation (for now as we begin)