Results or Statistics?


In the ways of the world it makes sense to list the number of notches in one’s belt for various items, such as:

  • Salvations
  • Baptisms
  • Marriages
  • Deliverances


In the mind of the worldly one may suggest that the lack of such numbers suggests there is nothing worthy of talking about (as we tend to measure success by numbers). Well, this site is not being built for the worldly minded, nor is it to support some braggadocios claims. This page is not going to be a statistical recounting of the ministry to City. This page by no means shows the quantity or the depth of what has taken place in City.


This page is a place to share the accounts of participants who want to give testimony to the work of God in City. It is totally optional, and the accounts are what were seen or experienced from their point of view.


These testimonials serve a couple of purposes:

  1. One purpose is to give praise and thanksgiving to God, glorifying Him.
  2. Encourage one another for the building up of the faith of fellow believers.



Some of these accounts may seem unimportant or of little usefulness to a reader. What we need to keep in mind is that it made an impression, or Holy Spirit used it to make an impression, for the one who is recounting it for us. Though it may not necessarily impact you or me, there is someone who can relate to it in a way that is profitable to his or her spirit. So, please give grace while reading, or simply move on from those to which you do not relate.




Names Changed


Throughout this site you will see that the names are changed and highlighted in order to keep the site, the city and the ministry anonymous. The site is designed to glorify God alone as the information is available to all who can glean a nugget to use in their ministry efforts. The Ministry for our ministry name, City for our city name, and various names being used for persons who may be identified in a story, such as Wallace or Beulah. My prayer is that the Lord will keep your focus on what He is trying to show you.



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