Old Gate Preparation – 26FEB17


Excerpts from: http://www.raystedman.org/bible-overview/adventuring/nehemiah-rebuilding-the-walls

  1. Old Gate, or Gate of Yeshanah
    1. Meaning: I suggest that it represents truth.
    2. Purpose: resting upon truth.






The spiritual meaning of the gates of Jerusalem


As mentioned, the gates of Jerusalem have both a personal and prophetic aspect. I’ll use a table to display this so that you can read which ever column you want.



The Gate of Jerusalem

Old Gate



Joiada the son of Paseah and Meshullam the son of Besodeiah repaired the Old Gate; they laid its beams and hung its doors with its bolts and its bars.

Nehemiah 3:6



Following from the Fish gate was the Old gate. Nehemiah is the only book in the Bible where it is called the Old gate and it may have been one of the original gates made.


Personal Significance

Personal aspect:  This speaks to us of the old ways of truth. A young Christian having experienced the sheep gate, then the fish gate, soon sees the need for experiencing the old gate. This means learning the old ways of truth that never change. Jeremiah 6:16 states ‘Thus says the Lord, Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls.’ Too many Christian’s today want something new. The latest teaching, the latest experience… Or they try to change truth to make it acceptable with what the world thinks is right ‘today’ (which may not be the same as what it thinks ‘tomorrow’.) But the Ancient of Days calls us back to His long established ways that do not change and remain the same yesterday, today and forever.


Prophetic/Historical Significance

Prophetic aspect: Prophetically this speaks of the period of the Church Fathers around 100-325 AD (sometimes known as the Ante-Nicene era). This was a period where a defence of the faith and the truth of God were further established to counter attacks and persecution from unbelievers.






1) My sense has been that the course of these gates will lead us through the process of salvation and sanctification. The “us” represents the City as if it were a person that comes to the Lord. Each gate is a step in the process until, like individuals, the city is walking in agreement with God.


2) The first gate was the Sheep Gate which was the sacrifice of the cross. All begins and ends with Christ. We began with a recognition of Christ. In our case, we closed a gate that allowed unfettered access by the Queen of Heaven that would veil people from seeing the truth of Christ.


3) The second gate was the Fish Gate which concerned evangelism. The hearing of the Word is needed for salvation. In this case we opened a gate asking God to release into City the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and a spirit of repentance to assist in bringing the city into a place of salvation. We were asking the Father to draw all man, the city, to His Son, Jesus Christ.


4) Today is the third gate which is the Old Gate. Some thoughts of others are expressed above. In our case, my sense has been that this gate is to be repentance for “Old Man City” of the ways of the past that has allowed all wicked things to rise up in the city over time.


5) Truth consists of two things in repentance. First is to be honest about our past ways in order to repent of them and to turn away from them. Second is to know the truth of the ways of God to turn to them. This gate is about the truth of our intention, which is to turn away from the old ways of “Old Man City” and to turn toward the ways of God as He leads us into “New Man City”.


6) Next is the fourth gate which is the Valley Gate. The valley represents going low, or humility. We humble ourselves and invite Jesus Christ to be our Lord as we submit ourselves to Him. This is a place of lowliness of mind and humbleness of heart. We are transformed from slaves of sin to slaves of righteousness. We are also to go through trials in the valley and begin to grow spiritually as we cooperate with God in our lives.


7) Today we could begin repenting for the things that have taken place in City that were not pleasing to God and we would never cover everything. Therefore we will need to be general in our repentance and call upon the mercy of God to make up for our lack of knowledge and understanding. It is my sense that we are representative of the city humbling itself before God with a repentant and contrite heart for the deeds of the past.


8) First we must come into agreement with what we are doing and where we are to deal with the current gate. By agreement I mean that we have two or three who have a witness from God to something. If we do, then we can proceed with it. Anything that does not have a witness from God is to be set aside but can be noted as possibly for a future time.


9) Is there a witness to #7 above? If so, we can proceed. If not, we need to seek God for the purpose.


Note: The “what and where” is discussed throughout the month which leads us to the day of activity as we believe we have received the proper information.


Note: Everybody may not have a witness to everything. The key is that we can walk in faith and confidence if there is actually a witness of two or three.


10) Is there a witness to the “where”? It has been determined that we are to go to the area of the flagpole in the center of the circle of buildings at the State Hospital land.


Note: We are not looking to deal with all the issues of the State Hospital or the land. That may be an assignment from the Lord at another time. Today we are dealing with the gates for the City.


Note: On Site: Only those who have been directed by the Lord to do so should participate on site. All others are free to remain and intercede for those who are going. This is not a spectator activity and only those that can participate in full faith should attend. To go without being in faith opens a door to trouble for the individual, and possibly the group. (Example in Acts 19:14-16; Sons of Sceva)


11) It is my sense that we are closing a gate today. I see it as closing a gate on the old ways of “Old Man City” so we are free to turn to the ways of the Lord. The desire is to see the old things that have allowed any evil and wickedness to continually rear its ugly head to be shut down. The old ways need to be replaced with ways of righteousness in Jesus Christ.


12) We need to come into agreement with anything we will do on site and develop the script. We will come into one accord before we go to the site. We will follow the agreed upon script. To do less is disobedience and to do more is very possibly the flesh rising up.


Note: If someone feels that the Lord is strongly impressing something to be done, it may be asked as a question if anyone else has a witness to it. (Seeming good is not a witness.) It may also be a personal thing that is not meant for the group.


13) Possible scripture passages to be used among others that may be brought up:

  • Zechariah 3:1-10 Joshua given clean garments
  • Acts 15:28-29 Abstain: things offered to idols and sexual immorality
  • Psalm 24 He who has clean hands and a pure heart
  • 2 Chronicles 6:36-42 Prayer of repentance and cry to God to hear



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