Old Gate Assignment Recap


The third gate of the gates project is the Old Gate. The gate according to some represents truth and the old ways of truth. The truth referred to here is that of God who is unchanging, not to the wisdom of the world which tends to change with the culture.


The pattern being revealed in City Name appears to be parallel to a person’s salvation experience.


The first gate, the Sheep Gate, was where the sacrifice was brought in and thus represented Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. This gate is the first and the last, just as He is the first and last. It all begins and ends with Jesus. We closed a gate that gave unfettered access to City Name by the Queen of Heaven. The witchcraft and the religious spirit veils the eyes of the people thwarting the call to the cross.


The second gate, the Fish Gate, suggested the witness of the Christian and represented evangelism. Our desire is for City Name to come to know the salvation of the Lord. We opened a gate with the cry to God to send the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and a spirit of repentance to prepare the city to receive the grace offered by God.


The call to the cross must be heard as the Father draws a person to the Son. The evangelist shares the gospel as Christians lead others to the joy of salvation in Jesus Christ. The messages here lead people to repentance and humbling oneself before God.


So, this third gate, the Old Gate, is what we are dealing with today. Repentance for “Old Man City Name” of the ways of the past that have allowed all wicked things to rise up in the city over time. Today we represent the city as we repent of the things of the past that have permitted the things of today to rule the city and culture that negatively impact the eternal future of the people.


Repentance requires admission to the truth of the situation and turning away from the sin and deception. It also entails acknowledgement of the truth of the ways of God and turning toward them. Only then is a person ready to humble oneself before Almighty God.


A group of five met today, 02/26/2017, in City Name at 12:30 PM. We discussed our notes of the month and what we believed the Lord was leading us to do in regards to the gate for City Name. All that is to be done must come with two or three witnesses. Anything else is set aside. This gate was to be dealt with in the daytime as all that was hidden in the dark was to be brought into the light; just as in our repentance for our deeds hidden in darkness. We agreed upon a script to follow and at approximately 2:00 PM we departed for the Location Name.


(Picture Not Loaded)

Parking Area (1) –>> Sidewalk (3) –>> Flagpole (2)

Reference the above picture of the grounds as the activity is described.


We arrived and parked in a lot (1) to the west of the site. We were on the grounds of the Location Name and the flagpole area (3) in the center of the buildings was the target area for this assignment. We began at 2:10 PM at the sidewalk (2) leading to the flagpole.

  • The plan was to enter and exit at the same point.
  • We were to enter the area and follow the script.
  • Upon leaving we would prophetically close the doors and gate, leaving the old behind us, sealed by the blood of Christ.


Following is the event that took place.

  • We walked the sidewalk (2) ESE to the flagpole (3) area.
  • At the flagpole (3) area, we walked counterclockwise around the circle in repentance.
  • We stopped and acknowledged God and our reason for being there.
  • We prayed a general prayer of repentance.
  • We read 2 Chronicles 6:36-42; a cry to God to hear our prayer of repentance.
  • We prayed in agreement with points in the passage.
  • We read Zechariah 3:1-10; clean garments replacing the filthy garments.
  • We again prayed in agreement with points in the passage.
  • We read Psalm 24; he who has clean hands and a pure heart; the King of glory.
  • We again prayed in agreement with points in the passage.
  • We then played a song and worshipped God; Seth Yates, “Strike the Ground”.
  • As we read scripture and as the song played, one saw in the spirit that pythons were crashing down to the ground, including a large horseshoe shaped python coming down at the end of the sidewalk.
  • During the song he saw a portal (pink) open above the flagpole area.
  • He saw a ball of light strike the top of the flagpole.
  • He then saw a flag above the U.S. flag that moved exactly as the U.S. flag moved in the wind.
  • One who took some pictures noticed two things about the clouds.
    • Some resembled the shape of angels.
    • They were not above us, but circled us above the buildings.
  • We walked around the circle clockwise to release blessings.
  • We then exited the area on the same walkway we entered on.
  • We closed one door at the circle; closing the repentance topics behind us.
  • We closed another door at the point where the concrete changed in the walkway; closing the door on “Old Man City Name”.
  • We then closed the gate, noted by one to be a rod iron gate, at the end of the walkway (2).
  • All three were sealed with the blood of Jesus.
  • We asked God to man the gate in whatever way He saw fit.
  • We were finished and departed at 2:25 PM.




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