Sheep Gate Assignment Recap


January 1, 2017     (Names Changed)


The first gate for the Gates Project was the Sheep Gate. The Lord had given revelation to Ricky that a big issue that needs to be dealt with is witchcraft in the church and that the perpetrator is the Queen of Heaven. Furthermore, he was instructed that the place to close the gate which was giving her and her minions unfettered access was at Church Name. As we received witness to this message, we moved forward to plan and carry out this assignment.


The Queen of Heaven has basically three facets: the face of the harlot in Revelation; the face of the apparitions of Mary; the face of Jezebel. This is a principality that is far reaching; nothing to be taken lightly or toyed with. There were many cautions given along the way to only participate if called to do so by the Lord and if there was truly a commitment to carry out the call.


The Denomination Name religion was the first to be introduced to the area other than the Native American practices of worship. This was through Missionary Name and his companion explorers who came up the River Name and River Name rivers.


Church Name is one of the largest, if not the largest, City Name churches in population and property. With the elementary school it also has a great reach into the community.


The apparitions of Mary are predominately Denomination Name in nature and a great part of the deception in the churches. Mary as co-redeemer with Christ usurps the gospel of Jesus Christ and does great damage to Christian doctrine.


This ties into the Jezebel spirit and the witchcraft that seeks to manipulate and control the churches. Without being educated concerning this spirit, many are seduced by it and asleep in the churches and community.


The harlot and her children are far reaching and powerful. One’s guard must be kept up at all times as the impact of this principality can be seen at every turn. We must call upon Almighty God to rein it in.


The appointed day to carry out this assignment was December 27, 2016. We met in the appointed place to pray and plan for our actions of that evening. There were 8 people present; 8 = new beginnings. Present were Roberta, Everett, Wallace, Duke, Ricky, Lucy, Richard and Barney. Interestingly we had Ricky and Richard for the assignment at Church Name.


Wallace led the meeting and the general flow of the evening was this:

  • 5:30 – the meeting commenced
  • Opening prayer
  • Explanation of the assignment at hand
  • Some education on the Queen of Heaven and related topics
  • Scriptures were read and discussed, including which to use on site
  • Quiet time to seek and hear the Lord on the matter
  • Finalization of the plan
  • Communion time together
  • Carrying out of the plan
  • Time of worship


Richard was of great value with his depth of knowledge to teach us as was Barney with his experience in these activities. The range of topics covered the Queen of Heaven, gates, the process of assignments like this one, authority and jurisdictions, communion, and again the cautions to participate only if called to do so.


The absence of being told not to participate does not necessarily equate to being told to or being given permission to participate. It is best in these matters to have the active call to duty before participating in them.


Concerning communion, we had a discussion on the timing and location of the activity after we appeared to have a consensus that we were to take communion. Were we to partake before or after going to the church to pray? Were we to partake in the midst of the assignment on site? It was decided to take communion prior to going to the church and to prepare a ninth cup to be poured out at the site.


We spoke peace over the city and over the churches. The gate we were closing was being done so for the sake of peace in City Name. In the attitude of peace, the adversary was invited to repent and desist in any ungodly activities. The pouring out of the cup would signify the taking of communion unworthily.


After communion and prayer it was time to go to the church. Wallace, Duke, Lucy, Everett and Richard proceeded to the main entrance of the church while Ricky, Roberta and Barney remained behind to intercede for us and the activity.


Other Notes


As the five gathered on the corner in front of the church entrance and were organizing to get started, a vehicle pulled up to the stop sign and a window went down. Though we could not see who was in the vehicle, we heard someone loudly proclaim, “I love Jesus too!” What an encouragement before we even began.


Duke saw a green sphere with a purple band around it descending over the church. It split from one into three. Later while we were reading through the repentance prayers, he saw a star dancing about above the church. Lucy confirmed that she had seen it as well.


Wallace took a couple of pictures of the night sky afterwards that revealed a few swooshes of light that were not visible to the naked eye. These are not uncommon as the angels are released in warfare in the heavens.


The intercessors reported an intensity that included the sensation of witchcraft as well as the knowledge that something big was happening.


The Lord revealed to Roberta that the new name for this gate was “Peace”.


On Saturday, 12/31, Wallace painted a canvas that got very close to what he saw in the spirit. An artistic way to document the event.





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