Valley Gate Recap – 25MAR17

Meeting Notes 03/25/17


The group gathered at the lower level and began the planning stage of the assignment at 7:00 AM. Present were 5: Roberta, Lucy, Wallace, Duke, Richard.


The time began with an opening prayer and then the prayer to change the environment was offered.

The word from the Lord that Daniel received Thursday, 03/23/17, was read.

The meeting notes from Thursday, 03/23/17, were read.

The preliminary script for the assignment was gone over.

Some worship music was played softly as 10 minutes was taken to press in and seek the Lord for any additional revelation or confirmation, as well as being sure we had clean hands and pure hearts.


A time of sharing followed the quiet time.

  • Roberta: spirit of obstruction; for the group in that moment; prayed against it
  • Duke: prayed repentance
  • Roberta: began reading Isaiah 51, Duke finished
  • Lucy: seeing the idols in the store window – we are up against idolatry and darkness


The gateway sign and the corresponding scripture passages were reviewed.

No other scripture passages were added.

The group came into agreement concerning the script for the assignment.

The signs were discussed.

  • Duke brought a physical sign, an approximately 18” cross with the inscription, “Jesus” and “He Is Risen”
  • The spiritual sign was big enough to cover all the other organization signs and simply said, “JESUS”


A short prayer was spoken to close out our time there.


At 8:20 AM the lower level was vacated.

The 5 people drove to the large parking lot between Restaurant and Motel.


When all had arrived at 8:35 AM, Wallace mentioned that two items had not been addressed:

  1. The timing of the cutting of the cord from the gate to Carly
  2. The anointing of the 3 corbels on the Motel building

Agreement was reached upon these items and the group proceeded to the area of the City gateway sign.


Father was thanked and the prayer to change the environment was offered for the assignment locations. The prayer was offered only once for the assignment portion as discussed at the lower level.


The appointed scriptures were read one at a time by each group member in turn.

  • Organization 1 Isaiah 12:1-4
  • Organization 2 Isaiah 42:16
  • Organization 3 Luke 10:42
  • Organization 4 Ezekiel 1:16-17
  • Organization 5 Ezekiel 19:2
  • Organization 6 Revelation 5:5
  • Organization 7 Galatians 5:13
  • Organization 8 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  • Organization 9 Jeremiah 29:11-13
  • Organization 10 Nahum 2:11
  • Organization 11 2 Timothy 2:3-4
  • Organization 12 Legion John 5:44
  • Organization 13 Genesis 22:17-18
  • Organization 14 Matthew 19:14



Richard prayed in the placement of the spiritual sign, “Jesus” at the gate and the City Gateway Sign.

Duke placed the physical sign in the landscaping and anointed the area with oil. Duke said that he saw right where the sign was to go and Wallace confirmed it saying the spot was exactly where he had envisioned it.

Wallace proclaimed the closure of the Valley Gate, the Gate of Oppression.

Wallace sent a text to Ricky to inform him that we were cutting the cord at the gate that was affecting Carly and that he should proceed however the Lord would lead at his end.

Roberta stood in as a proxy for Carly as Lucy wielded the sword, the Word of God, as she cut any and all cords from this gate that were affecting Carly, including the spirits of fear, oppression, and death.


On the way back to the cars, Duke anointed the three corbels on the Motel building as Wallace offered a short prayer. After the Thursday event, Daniel had told Wallace that if we thought we were to anoint those corbels, the Lord would reveal dark things concerning the place, bringing them into the light. The group had agreed and so it was done.


All 5 of the group entered Name Park, parked the vehicles and proceeded to the point at the confluence of the Name River and the Name River at 9:00 AM.


As agreed upon, Duke was playing some worship songs on a CD as we ministered at the point.

Wallace led and all repeated the scripture of 1 John 5:6-8.

Wallace held the glass as Lucy poured in the oil, Roberta poured in the water, and Richard poured in the wine. The cup was handed to Duke and he poured the mixture into the confluence of the two rivers. 5, the number of grace.


After the mixture was poured into the river, a female duck appeared from the near shore and 2 male ducks appeared from the far point. They came together at the end of the Name River, turned upstream together and then flew into town. As in the verses used, these three agree. Ducks were also present Thursday at the holding pond.


After a couple minutes of worship and thanksgiving, Wallace’s foot was prayed over for complete healing now that the gate work had been accomplished. Immediately Wallace noticed the joints loosing and the swelling on the bottom of the foot dissipating. The boot had become looser on the foot. Though some pain and tenderness still remained, the foot was noticeably improving with each minute that passed.


While walking to the cars, a discussion was had as to whether a new name for the gate had been received. Roberta said the gate already had its new name, the Hallowed Gate of City.


The group walked toward the parking lot and after a short closing prayer, parted ways at approximately 9:20 AM.




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