Prophetic Meeting – Valley Gate – 23MAR17

Meeting Notes 03/23/17


Isaac contacted Wallace on Wednesday sharing that he was instructed to come up to City on Thursday but it wasn’t necessarily to join us at Restaurant for our weekly fellowship gathering. They compared schedules and came up with 4:00 PM. Messages were sent to the City and City 3 groups as well as the Name County intercessors, for anyone who was interested and willing, to meet at the large parking lot between Restaurant and Motel. It was short notice, but the Lord would gather who He wanted there.


At 4:00 PM the group gathered, including: Roberta, Lucy, Wallace, Darryl, Isaac, Daniel, Luke. A short walk was taken over to the city welcome sign and the gate assignment was discussed. It was suggested that a picture be taken of the sign for reference. After a brief discussion the group decided to get out of the light rain to sit and discuss the purpose for which we were brought together and to seek out the plan to be enacted. Coffee Shop 2 was selected as the meeting place.


The seven gathered around a table with refreshments. A prayer to change the environment was prayed and then Wallace asked Isaac to explain what had been revealed to him. Isaac said that he was led to be in City for something the Lord wanted to do, possibly in preparation for the gate work on Saturday, but he wasn’t positive as to the details. He thought that possibly it was in the pattern of the City 3 group a few weeks earlier where the execution of an assignment was dependent upon another issue being dealt with. It seems to be happening more that God is beginning something and then allows the enemy to expose his means of attack. The enemy can then be overcome, followed by the successful execution of the assignment. And so it was in this case.


Wallace shared what the gate was about for this Saturday and the points of confirmation for what the group had discerned. A prayer was said, inviting Holy Spirit to reveal what we were to know or do, and a short time was taken to seek the Lord for revelation and guidance. Isaac received a word for the group.




Word from the Lord through Isaac at Coffee Shop 2, 03/23/17

I want you to go to the court house and sever agreements with the groups and organizations listed on the City gateway sign. Know what each group is about. Get a positive scripture in the opposite. Go to the courthouse and read your declaration.

On Saturday, read the scriptures at the sign to start. Put your sign on the gate. The invisible sign from heaven and the sign in the natural.

Do not be very concerned with the sign in the natural environment.

Each season go back to this gate for spiritual maintenance.

Declare Isaiah 61 at the court house.

Pour the mixture into the holding pond today.

Saturday, pour the mixture in the river at the confluence, the point island area of darkness.

Cut the cord to Carly at the gate today or Saturday, you decide.



Seeing as neither Ricky nor Carly were present, it was determined that the final point would be dealt with on Saturday.


One thing to be overcome was the ties made between the city and the fraternal organizations that were given the prominent place of recognition; the city gateway sign. It is as if in spirit, the city had given the key to the city to these organizations and groups. There are soul ties, so to speak, that need to be severed. The group did some quick research on the groups listed on the gateway sign and searched out verses in positive response to each of the groups.



The City Gateway Sign, 03/22/17, Street near the Bridge.

Scripture to Read

  • Organization 1 Isaiah 12:1-4
  • Organization 2 Isaiah 42:16
  • Organization 3 Luke 10:42
  • Organization 4 Ezekiel 1:16-17
  • Organization 5 Ezekiel 19:2
  • Organization 6 Revelation 5:5
  • Organization 7 Galatians 5:13
  • Organization 8 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
  • Organization 9 Jeremiah 29:11-13
  • Organization 10 Nahum 2:11
  • Organization 11 2 Timothy 2:3-4
  • Organization 12 Legion John 5:44
  • Organization 13 Genesis 22:17-18
  • Organization 14 Matthew 19:14



After the Scripture passages were determined, the timeline was confirmed and the group proceeded to the County courthouse. Two members had to leave early due to prior engagements, the remaining 5 people proceeded on the assignment.

  • A prayer to change the environment was said
  • Isaiah 61 was read and declared at the courthouse
  • Each person took a turn reading one of the scripture passages
  • After a short prayer, the group proceeded to the holding pond near the city gateway sign
  • 1 John 5:6-8 was read by all
  • The oil, the water, and the wine were mixed in an unused cup
  • The mixture was poured into the holding pond
  • Two ducks moved from the shoreline along the side and swam to the other end of the pond





A couple of observations were made.

The holding pond: shaped like an ear; the ears of City are going to be opened.

The ducks: some ducks mate for life; a sign of fidelity; putting all the ducks in a row.




After things had completed, one of the group shared an experience, expressing confession and repentance. The bottom line was believed to be a spirit of fear. Two things came to the fore:

  1. We need to address these things prior to proceeding on assignments. God wants us to have clean hands and pure hearts as we do these assignments. He desires to protect us from cracks and open doors that would allow the enemy access to us.
  2. The spirit of fear is linked to this gate of oppression and is quite possibly the cord to be cut from Carly.



We were done at 7:00 PM.



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