Nehemiah Gates

Corresponding Gates from Nehemiah for the City of …


From December, 2016, Through September, 2017



Note: This account has been altered in names and places. Fill in a location or city Name of your choice.



Nehemiah Gates in Order and the Corresponding Months


  1. Sheep Gate – December

  2. Fish Gate – January

  3. Old Gate – February

  4. Valley Gate – March

  5. Dung Gate – April

  6. Fountain Gate – May

  7. Water Gate – June

  8. Horse Gate – July

  9. East Gate – August

  10. Inspection Gate – September



The 10 gates have individual meanings and differing purposes. We will deal with one of the gates each month.


Then comes October and the celebration near the Feast of Tabernacles. This can be a park rental and pot luck with worship, a worship festival at the city park amphitheater, a repeat of the 2015 worship in the park, or something totally unthought-of of at this point.


Looking at the meanings and purposes of the gates, we need to seek the Lord for the gates locations in City Name to pair up with each of them. At some point before the end of December we need to set in place the procedure for establishing and dedicating each of the gates in the appropriate month.

Here is the table that needs to be filled in for the corresponding City Name points of interest. We can consider points of interest, historical spots, roadways, waterways, etc. As we seek this information from the Lord, we ought to also examine our personal lives in relation to our spirituality and godly living.

Month Gate City Name Location Description
December Sheep    
January Fish    
February Old    
March Valley    
April Dung    
May Fountain    
June Water    
July Horse    
August East    
September Inspection    

After the table is filled in for the current month regarding the location and the reasoning for it, a time and procedure will need to be established to execute the plan.


Excerpts from:

  1. Sheep Gate
    1. Meaning: signifies the Lamb of God, whose blood was shed on the cross for us, and, therefore, it reveals the principle of the cross.
    2. Purpose: the gate through which the sheep were brought into the city to be sacrificed at the altar.
  2. Fish Gate
    1. Meaning: suggests the witness of a Christian.
    2. Purpose: this gate is for defense.
  3. Old Gate, or Gate of Yeshanah
    1. Meaning: I suggest that it represents truth.
    2. Purpose: resting upon truth.
  4. Valley Gate
    1. Meaning: the place of humility.
    2. Purpose: the place of lowliness of mind and humbleness of heart.
  5. Dung Gate
    1. Meaning: the filth carried away.
    2. Purpose: the place through which all the refuse of the city was carried; all the rubbish, all the filth was carried.
  6. Fountain Gate
    1. Meaning: the river of life in us.
    2. Purpose: the flowing of the Spirit of God in our lives, to enable us to obey his will and his word.
  7. Water Gate
    1. Meaning: the word of God.
    2. Purpose: The word of God never breaks down. It doesn’t need to be repaired. It simply needs to be reinhabited.
  8. Horse Gate
    1. Meaning: a symbol of warfare.
    2. Purpose: to do battle against the forces of darkness.
  9. East Gate
    1. Meaning: faced the rising sun, and is the gate of hope.
    2. Purpose: the gate of anticipation of what is yet to come when all the trials of life and all the struggles of earth will end and the glorious new sun will rise on the new day of God.
  10. Muster Gate, or Inspection Gate
    1. Meaning: the examination gate.
    2. Purpose: the place where judgment was conducted.





The spiritual meaning of the gates of Jerusalem


As mentioned, the gates of Jerusalem have both a personal and prophetic aspect. The referenced site uses a table to display this so that you can read whichever column you want to explore. Here is the first gate as an example. Please visit the page at the above link to check out the whole table of information.

The Gate of Jerusalem Personal Significance Prophetic/Historical Significance

 Sheep Gate 

 (Neh 3:1,32)

The very first gate mentioned is the sheep gate. It was called the sheep gate because this was the gate which the sheep and lambs used in the sacrifice were bought through.

Personal aspect: No prizes for knowing that this speaks of the very first experience we come into in our Christian life – that is, a realisation that Jesus was the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. The sheep gate then speaks to us of the cross and the sacrifice that was made for our sins. It is the starting point of everything but you will also notice if you read the entire chapter that the sheep gate is also mentioned at the very end once we have come full circle. That is because everything starts and ends with Jesus’ death on the cross. Prophetic aspect: This gate points to the first coming of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29). He is the sacrifice foretold in this sheep gate. He is the door by which everyone must enter to be saved (John 10:7-9).