Holding the Land


Imagine, if you will, a battle in a war that has as its objective a plot of land. The first offensive comes in which the land is taken from the ones who hold control and ownership of the land. Whether immediately, or after some period of time, the counteroffensive comes in an attempt to take back the land to regain control and ownership.


There is no telling how many times this land will go back and forth. Many things play into the battles such as resources, support, perseverance, desire, energy and power, and more. Such is the battle in the spiritual realm over an area such as a spot on the land, a neighborhood, a city, a region, a state, or a nation. The important factor is not the number of people involved in the battle, but the faith and the persistence of those involved.  Almighty God will hear the cries of His people and will recognize the faith in the prayers that arise before Him and the power in the decrees that go forth in faith. Lord Sabaoth who is the Lord of hosts or Lord of armies, the God of Angel Armies, will send forth the necessary forces to take the land as His faithful saints move forward.


So, what is the role of the Ekklesia in holding the land after it is taken from the enemy?


The land must be cleansed.


The land must be sanctified.



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