The Ekklesia at …


The Ekklesia


The ekklesia is an assembly of believers under the headship of Jesus Christ. We are committed to the Kingdom Mandate and are submitted to each other in love. We instruct one another so as to encourage improvement. We stir one another to action in obedience to our calling from God.  We comfort, console, and reassure one another through the things of this life. We gather one or more times each week to support each other’s ongoing work of being and making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.



At …


This is the Ekklesia at … . Just as there was an ekklesia in each city in the first century, so there is today. There are not denominations, but groups of believers who gather to do the work of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is at hand.



Principle Points


  • Following the example modeled by Christ Jesus and the Apostles
  • Going into the world to make disciples
  • Gathering together under the headship of Christ Jesus
  • Submitting to one another in love
  • Supporting one another in the life of a disciple
  • Caring for one another through the spiritual warfare
  • Submitting to the leadership God puts in place





  • Planting and supporting new assemblies within the ekklesia
  • Contending with the things that are opposed to the Kingdom of God
  • Dismantling Demonic spiritual strongholds
  • Resisting the carnal things that cause division and have caused splits into denominations in the institutional church
  • Remaining free in the Lord to respond to His calling
  • Representing the Kingdom of God on earth


Through prayer, intercession, love, and ministry, the city will be impacted in a positive way as the Kingdom of God intersects with the activities of the people of the city, as the ekklesia is obedient in love and faith.