City Evaluation


City Evaluation (or whatever the region, state, etc.) is necessary to know what has happened, what is happening, and as much as possible, what will be happening, within the city or region. So, we have the history, the present, and the future to consider for the establishment of a city within the Kingdom of God. The means of change for these various aspects is prayer, repentance, declarations, decrees, and physical activity, whether prophetic acts or practical and tangible work in the community.


The Ekklesia has the keys of authority, through Christ Jesus, and the Gates of Hades will not prevail against it. Such is the level of faith we must operate in if we are to profoundly change the atmosphere and the culture of the city. We also need to clearly define the specific things within the city we are against as well as stating the positive things we are for, whether in existence now, or from the past, or into the future.


The Great Commission always needs to be carried out in tandem with any strategy we use to accomplish our assignments from the Lord. The word “assignments” may sound odd to some. The things we do to change the city should always be in the will of God and in His timing. These things may be discovered by a revelation from the Lord, through prayer on a topic, through study or examination of a situation, or any other means. Since the activity we carry out, in the best case, is something the Lord wants to take place, and since it is presented to a specific individual or Ekklesia, it is an assignment of a task or procedure from the Lord to the person or persons. Most of what we do as believers is in obedience to commandments we find in scripture. Disciples of Christ who have learned, or are learning, to co-labor with Christ, may be assigned a task by the Lord. These tasks, or assignments, generally deal with a specific situation or issue.





Every location, large or small, has a history which includes both good and evil. There is some advantage in discovering both the good and the bad. The identity of a city can be one or the other, a mixture, or even something that appears to be good in the natural but is not a good thing in the end.


Such was the case in our city. Something that was done to cure a perceived ill in the city resulted in an idolatry that the city has been involved in for one hundred years now. This eventually needs to be dealt with and overturned.


The Good


Learning of past moves of God in an area can give insight into what has been dealt with and possibly to the extent of activity that took place. This is the type of history that can be celebrated in praise to God and that can create a synergy of the power of God as we join current efforts to those of the past.


The Bad


Learning the history of evil in an area gives direction for efforts in prayer, repentance, and so on. Bad things happening consistently at the same location is a sign of an area that needs to be cleansed or redeemed. A certain evil in a region that occurs regularly over time may give insight concerning the principality ruling the area.



Reliable Direction




What is the future of the region to be? This is not so much knowing the future as it is determining the future. As we do assignments as led by the Lord, we impact the land, atmosphere, and culture for the future. If we do not believe this, we are wasting our time. Prophetic acts are to impact the current state for an improved future. Prayer is to seek God to impact the current time for an improved state of the future. Fulfilling the commands or living out the principles of God will have an impact on the future. Likewise, to do evil or ignore the things of God will have an adverse impact upon the future as will curses and other evil activities and decrees.


The bible contains a multitude of examples of prophetic acts and prayer that impacted the future. Some things happen immediately, and others take time to develop. The timing of God overrides the thoughts and desires of man. Our anxiousness cannot be allowed to short-circuit the things that need to take place as designed by our Creator. Therefore, it is important to seek God and discern what it is He would have us do at the present time that affects both the present and the future.


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The Present


What is the present call of God that we are to follow? What is the passion He is putting on our heart right now? If we have a desire to co-labor with the Lord for the sake of the Kingdom of God, these are the things we need to search out. We need to seek clarity in the call through prayer and study while watching for confirmations the Lord gives us along the way that help us to stay on the right path.



Learn how this took place in our city HERE.

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It is important to have measurable or tangible outcomes in order to sustain enthusiasm and to provide encouragement in the dry seasons. Maintaining a historical journal of activities and encouraging participants to write a testimonial or a story about an event adds to the flavor of the historical account. Most of what exists on this site comes from my ministry journal and subsequent writings I had done. There is no natural way I would have recalled the amount of detail that is on this site without the notes to prod my memory.


I encourage you to have a notebook with you at all times to make a record of your activity. It will be a great resource of information from which you and others will praise God when recalling all that He has taken you through.


Here are some types of measurables to consider.

  • Stories

  • Feedback

  • Indicators

  • Results