About This Site


Why this site?


First and foremost, I believe I am being obedient to a call of God to document the process we have gone through in this city. As we continue on this journey I will continue to update this site as I have time and as something arises worth reporting upon.


My understanding is that others will need the information we have received and put to use, so they too can put it to work in their city. You may be one of them if you are reading and exploring this site.


Way back in December of 2016, I was working with a group of disciples in another city. We ministered to that city and other areas across the nation. At the end of a weekly meeting, we broke into small groups to pray for one another. Referring to what God was calling me to do in my city, one prayer partner made a prophetic interjection.



“You are a pilgrim, a trailblazer, following the trail blazed by Holy Spirit.”



Then the other followed up with this:



“You will be given strategies. Write them down. That is your job. Others will need these strategies.”


So, as I mentioned, I believe I am being obedient to a call of God to document the process we have gone through in this city. And so my notes and other observations are being transcribed here so others may have access to them.


Ask the Lord what is here that you may need. While exploring here you may find a nugget, a certain order of things, a revelation, something you were missing, something inspiring, or some small thing that you didn’t even know you were looking for, but you’ll know it when you see it. Then we rejoice together.



On the “About” page is a form for any questions or comments you may have. We will try to promptly respond. 



Names Changed


Throughout this site you will see that the names are changed and highlighted in order to keep the site, the city and the ministry anonymous. The site is designed to glorify God alone as the information is available to all who can glean a nugget to use in their ministry efforts. The Ministry for our ministry name, City for our city name, and various names being used for persons who may be identified in a story, such as Wallace or Beulah. My prayer is that the Lord will keep your focus on what He is trying to show you.